Creating the right impression

Kerb appeal

Your stall is your shop window, so ensure that it is filled with your best work, and has what estate agents call kerb appeal. Have a variety of work, displaying a range of skills and make sure a wandering shopper stops long enough to browse your stall.

The long and short of it

Use stands or boxes to raise the level of your stall, from table height to eye height. Place your key products the eye-height range, where they will be seen. Products may also be displayed on the floor, but make these for larger or discounted pieces.

What to bring

It is usually a very good idea to bring stock at a variety of price points, to allow people who are interested to buy a lower cost sample of your work. You may only sell one original painting at £300 over a weekend, but you could sell 20 prints at £30 each.

Engage with customers

The single best way to convert a customer into a sale is by engaging with them. Read their body language to see if they are interested in striking up a conversation, and use the opportunity to launch into your sales pitch.

Show off your skills

If you feel awkward talking to strangers, try working on some of your art at the fair. People will be interested in seeing you create your work, and may strike up a conversation with you.

Bring a business card

A lot of people may not want to spend £300 on a piece of furniture or a painting on impulse. Give interested parties a business card so that they can go home, think about your art and measure their house up for size!